As a result of litigation over construction defects and faulty repairs over decks, walkways and various areas of the exterior of the condominiums, Mystic Bay Condominiums reached a confidential settlement. Covered decks at Mystic Bay were condemned by authorities prohibiting the owners from using their deck for several years. Water damage to critical structural components was discovered after repeated repairs failed to resolve signs of damage. Owners discovered several construction defects in the process that affected walkways and various portions of the exterior of the buildings.

Mystic Bay Condominiums filed suit against the developer and contractors responsible for the construction and faulty repairs to portions of the condominium buildings. Unfortunately, that only occurred after the structural failure of the decks was imminent and the City condemned the decks, barring any residents from using the decks. Repairs to the decks and other areas of the condominiums were estimated to exceed $5 million according to experienced contractors working with the association in the litigation.

After limited discovery and litigation proceedings the parties were able to reach a mediated resolution of the association’s claims and those of individual owners, which settlement ultimately included a confidentiality provision.

Attorneys Mike Hughes and Daniel Estes represented the condominium association i the litigation.