Construction Litigation

Mystic Bay Condominiums Resolve Defects in Confidential Settlement

As a result of litigation over construction defects and faulty repairs over decks, walkways and various areas of the exterior of the condominiums, Mystic Bay Condominiums reached a confidential settlement. Covered decks at Mystic Bay were condemned by authorities prohibiting the owners from using their deck for several years. Water damage to critical structural components [...]


Lighthouse Pointe Condos Reach $1.2 Million Settlement to Fund Repairs

Lake Ozark condominium complex Lighthouse Pointe has concluded almost three years of litigation with a $1.2 million settlement from the developers, builder and several subcontractors that will allow it to undertake repairs needed to insure it remains a high-end lake destination for years to come. Although the complex began construction in 1999 and the attempts [...]


Client Recovers Over $840,000 And Repair Commitment For Custom Home Defects.

Extensive water damage and rot will be repaired by the original builder of a custom Johnson County home after a settlement of $841,000 from that contractor and several subcontractors. This custom designed and built home was featured in KC Homes  magazine when it was completed in 2007. After suit was filed and a settlement reached, […]